Bath Care

Maintaining the beauty and functionality of your bathtub is essential for a clean and inviting bathroom space. Whether you have a modern acrylic tub, a antique copper one or something in between, proper care and cleaning will help extend its lifespan and keep it looking its best.

Copper & Brass Bathtub Care

Coppersmith Creations: Copper Baths and Brass Baths feature a durable lacquer coating that simplifies maintenance. A gentle, non-abrasive bathroom cleaner and a soft cloth are all that's needed for routine cleaning.

Tin & Nickel

Tin and Nickel-plated surfaces require even less effort as they are naturally non-oxidizing, needing only regular cleaning with non-abrasive products. Enjoy the beauty of these baths without the hassle of extensive upkeep.

Please Note: 

To maintain the pristine condition of your Coppersmith bathtub, here are some important guidelines:

Safe Cleaning: Always steer clear of corrosive cleaners, ammonia, or acid-based products as they can harm the surface of your copper bath. Stick to a mild detergent or gentle soap for cleaning.

Gentle Cleaning Tools: Avoid abrasive materials like steel wool or brushes, as they can scratch the bath's surface. Instead, opt for a soft cloth when cleaning.

Drying After Use: After each use, regardless of the finish (copper, nickel-plated, or painted), it's advisable to dry the bath to prevent watermarks from forming

Mind Bath Additives: Be cautious about the substances you introduce into the bathwater. Avoid using ingredients like lemon, which can be detrimental to the copper surface. Ensure that any bath additives are suitable for use in a copper tub to preserve its integrity.

By following these simple yet crucial guidelines, you can protect the beauty and quality of your bath.


Copper, while a soft metal prone to scratches, possesses a remarkable self-healing quality. These scratches tend to vanish over time as copper interacts with the air, resulting in a gradual change in colour and appearance known as the patina effect.

Rather than attempting to repair these marks, it's a journey of embracing them. These scratches, dents, and dings contribute to the distinctive character of copper, enhancing the rustic charm of the metal product. Each blemish tells a story, making your copper bath truly unique and adding to its timeless allure.

Acrylic Bathtub Care

For the continued care of your bathtub, especially after indulging in bath salts or similar products, we recommend a simple yet effective routine. After each use, rinse the tub thoroughly with clean water and gently wipe it down using a soft cloth. This practice not only preserves the bathtub's cleanliness but also prevents the build-up of unsightly limescale.

When it comes to cleaning products, avoid those that are acid or methanol-based, as they can potentially affect the bathtub's condition and durability. Additionally, steer clear of using abrasive cloths, especially on the chrome overflow or waste components, to maintain their pristine appearance.

To prevent any marking on the surface, it's advisable to replace worn washers on leaking faucets promptly. By adhering to these straightforward guidelines, you can ensure the lasting beauty and functionality of your bathtub, creating a bathing sanctuary that stands the test of time.